What ports does Skype TX require?

To use the Quicklink Skype TX Control Panel the below Network rule needs to be applied.

  • (quicklink.network/ 443 HTTPS

The following ports should remain open for optimal Skype TX Controller communication.  This is also applicable in cases where you have the Skype TX Controller working with Quicklink hardware such as the Quicklink TX or units with integrated Skype TX channels.


To enable communication between the computer running Skype TX Controller and Quicklink TX please open the following ports on both sides:

  • 8000-8003 TCP/UDP
  • 18000-18020 TCP/UDP
  • 34815 TCP
  • (TCP/UDP) 443, 80

  • (TCP/UDP) 443, 80

And then for Skype to work correctly the following ports need to be open in your firewall:

  • 443 TCP
  • 3478-3481 UDP
  • 50000-60000 UDP

For the best possible call quality experience, these ports are needed too:

  • 1000-10000 TCP
  • 50000-65000 TCP
  • 16000-26000 TCP





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