Using QuickLink StudioPro Cloud on an AWS instance set up by Quicklink

This article is for customers who have had a Cloud Instance set up for them by QuickLink. If you would like further information regarding any of our Cloud Solutions, please contact the QuickLink Sales team

The Cloud Instance set up will be handled by QuickLink, once this has been done, you will be provided with credentials by the QuickLink Support team to sign into your instance.

One you have been provided your credentials, you will need to download the Teradici software client. Navigate to the Software and Mobile Clients download page, select the option for your chosen operating system; Windows, macOS or Linux.

Software client page.png

Once selected, click Downloads and scripts. Read through the license agreement, once happy, click Agree, then click Download now.

downloads and scripts.png

Once downloaded, run the Teradici PCoIP client installer and follow steps for installing.


When your installation has completed, launch the PCoIP client application. 

Software client.png

Within the Host Address or Code field, enter the IP Address given to you by the QuickLink support team. Then enter a friendly connection name (i.e. QuickLink StudioPro). Click Add connection.

Add connection.png

Once you have added your connection, you should see it as a saved connection. To connect to it, click the friendly name you just set.

Saved connections.png

You may get a certificate popup warning, click Connect Insecurely.

Connect Insecurely.png

You will now be prompted to enter a username and password. Within the username field, enter Administrator. Within the password field, enter the password given to you by the QuickLink Support team. When entered, click LOGIN.

Log in.png

Once you've connected successfully, you can launch and sign into QuickLink StudioPro using your QuickLink StudioManager credentials. If you haven't already got these, please contact the QuickLink Support team.

You're now ready to start building your production.

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