Introduction to the ST250


The Quicklink ST250 is an all-in-one, multi-camera remote studio solution. The ST250 is a fully versatile solution that can be simultaneously remotely controlled from both hardware control panels and through intuitive web interfaces. The Quicklink ST250 incorporates remote control of all the elements of your studio, including multiple PTZ cameras, camera on-air/standby tally, camera pedestal elevation, lighting, audio, confidence monitor, teleprompter, engineering talkback/IFB, backdrop monitor/display, chroma keying, and more. The ST250 incorporates everything you need as a full production and distribution system – the perfect all-in-one solution for your remote studio!

Control all elements of the production completely remotely from a simple, intuitive and feature-rich user interface; the Quicklink Manager. In addition, the Quicklink Bridge allows you to remotely control all aspects of your production from anywhere in the world, without any complicated network configuration, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility within your remote productions. The four onboard independent audio pre-amps enable complete control of your professional powered microphone inputs.

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