Returning IFB to the studio

In order to return IFB to your remote studio setup, you will need to utilise a QuickLink StudioCall caller. For more information on how to invite QuickLink StudioCall guests and add them to calls, see the QuickLink StudioManager category here.

To configure IFB, you will also need to set up a return output from your remote studio setup to return to the QuickLink StudioManager. To achieve this, within the StudioRemote interface, click SETTINGS

Within the Settings window, select the OUTPUT tab. 


You will now need to create a display. Click ASSIGN next to an available display, then select QuickLink Studio.

Quicklink Studio.png

Next, select the room and position you would like to send the return. You can leave these set to None if you wish to have complete flexibility and wish to configure this in the QuickLink StudioManager.

Room and Pos.png

Now you need to select which devices to return the audio and/or video. The audio will most likely be the inbuilt playback devices on your ST250 unit (but they could be external speakers or displays). These are the headphone outputs on the front of the unit or the line outputs on the back. For more info see here.

You'll want to make sure that you have set up either headphones, earpieces or speakers and connected them to these outputs so your presenter(s) can hear the IFB.

Audio return devices.png

If your setup is pure IFB with no video then you can leave the video box set to None or, if you would like to send a video feed from the QuickLink StudioManager, you can send this to an external monitor. 

Video return devices.png

When you're happy with your settings, click START


You should then see your return populate in the QuickLink StudioManager. If you have selected a room and seat, the return will automatically connect to your chosen room and seat. Your setup should look something like this:

Now that a two-way connection has been made, when the QuickLink StudioCall guest talks, your presenter(s) will hear them through whichever devices they have connected to the outputs you selected. You can adjust the return audio level using the headphone control on the front of the QuickLink ST250. They will also see a video return too, if you have set one up.

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