Setting up remote teleprompt

Returning a teleprompt to your remote studio is a useful element for many remote studio productions. With QuickLink StudioRemote, you can easily return an Autocue or similar teleprompter to your remote studio environment.

Before you start, it is highly recommended that you first familiarise yourself with the Configuring Teleprompt using Autocue article.

Once you have your Autocue feed set up as an NDI input into your QuickLink Studio channel, place that channel into a room ready to connect with your StudioRemote return. You can use any room you like but a Secure Relay, Pro or One-to-One room would be recommended.

Studio channel in room.png

With that in place, head over to your QuickLink StudioRemote user interface, and click SETTINGS.


Next, select the OUTPUT tab.


Click the ASSIGN drop-down arrow on your preferred Display output.


Select QuickLink Studio.

Quicklink Studio.png

Now select the room with your Studio channel as configured above, then the free seat to initiate a two-way call.

Room and seat.png

You can leave the audio set to None but make sure you select the display you want to output the teleprompt to for the display output.


Click START when you are ready to send back to the portal. 


You should now see your StudioRemote return in your assigned room and seat.

Portal return.png

This will automatically pull back the feed from your Studio channel and output it to your selected display. If configured correctly, you will now see your teleprompt on your remote studio monitor.


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