Adding Flowics graphics into scenes

Flowics allows you to add professional, intelligent live overlays within your scenes. To learn more about Flowics, visit the Flowics website.

To integrate your Flowics graphics to Cre8 you will need to firstly obtain your output URL. To do this, log into your Flowics dashboard and then select your chosen Flowics graphics. Once open, select Open Output, and then copy the URL.


Once you have copied the Flowics Output URL you will need to configure this within Cre8. Open the Cre8 settings, then navigate to the Register tab. Within Flowics Output URL, paste the Flowics URL copied previously, then click Apply and OK.


Now you are ready to add Flowics into your scenes. Select your chosen scene, select the plus icon ( plus.png ) to add a source, then add the Flowics source. Your graphics will now appear as part of your scene. To add your graphics to multiple scenes, simply repeat this step for all scenes you wish to add your Flowics graphics to.


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