The transitions panel is displayed between the preview and program output, and allows you to set a transition effect when switching from preview and program.

There are four customisable buttons that can be configured to fade, cut, swipe, slide, fade to black, fade to colour, luma wipe, or stinger transition between scenes.


To customise your button transition effect and duration, simply click the expandable arrow next to each button.

Stinger, swipe, slide, fade to colour and luma wipe transitions can be configured within the settings. To configure your transition settings, open the Main settings, select the Advanced tab, then locate Transitions. From here you can select your transition type, then select the mceclip0.png icon to configure the properties for the selected transition.


Stinger Transitions

Stinger transitions allow the use of an animated video transition between the preview and program. By default, two stinger transitions are provided (Stinger 1 & Stinger 2).

To configure a stinger transition, open the Main Settings by selecting the mceclip0.png icon, select the Advanced tab, then locate Transitions. Within the dropdown box, select Stinger 1, then select the mceclip0.png icon to configure the properties. Next you will need to select Browser and locate your stinger video file (mp4, ts, mov, wmv, flv, mkv, avi, gif and webm files are supported). Select your preferred transition point type (time or frame), then enter the specified transition point. Selecting the Preview Transition button will show a preview of your configured transition. When finished, click OK to save your Stinger 1 properties.



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