An introduction

Broadcasters are recognising that they need to do things differently to sustain or build a competitive advantage. The way in which content is provided to the Studio has changed over the years with the introduction of smartphones and tablets. This has altered the way in which consumers demand to watch live content and has driven the need for broadcasters to deliver more content.

Quicklink are continuing to introduce solutions to suit the ever-changing broadcast requirements. The new and exciting Studio Solution is a bi-directional calling solution, in real-time, full duplex audio that can provide instant resources that can be used in various locations. 

Content can be obtained using a Chrome browser, iOS or Android device allowing users to send or receive content to or from the studio remotely and easily using any device where a web browser is available.

The Quicklink Manager Portal is available to use from any web browser. This will allow complete management of all servers and remote users. It has various layers of operational security to ensure the highest levels of data security and integrity.

The Studio-in-a-box is ideal for full remote controllable HD studio productions. Connecting to Quicklink’ s globally optimised low latency infrastructure, the Studio-in-a-box delivers bi-directional video/audio between the contributor and broadcaster. This can be fully managed and controlled from the Quicklink Manager Portal.

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