Key for Quicklink Manager


A – List of all Users/Servers and user filter

B and C – Drag your Users and Servers to make the connection.
D – These will display ‘Vacant’ until Users/Servers are placed in the room. When occupied with two Users/Servers the room will briefly change to ‘Waiting’, and then to ‘In Call’ when the connection is made.
E – This will allow you to add more rooms.
F – Rooms for each bidirectional call.

G – Distributor/waiting room for one location, to a number of devices.

H – Commentary room for distributing high quality video and audio up to 4 commentators.

I  -  Conference room for 8 participants to be placed in a group call.

J and K – This allows the Quicklink Manager to enable/disable audio and video in either direction.



Room: This is a channel of communication for bi-directional audio and video, video only or audio only. These can be renamed, and additional rooms added.

Servers: Quicklink Hardware Studio Servers can be used to both send or receive and can be classed as a user or server.


mceclip0.png = User settings

mceclip1.png = User preview

mceclip2.png = User has hand raised

mceclip3.png = Conference room messaging

mceclip4.png = Conference room Multiview


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