Microsoft Teams support

The QuickLink TX also supports both outgoing and incoming Microsoft Teams calls in both Teams desktop and Teams mobile application.

To configure Microsoft Teams interoperability, external access must first be enabled within the Office 365 admin center by an Office 365 admin. To enable this setting, head over to the Microsoft Teams admin center, select Org-wide settings > External access, and turn on the Users can communicate with other Skype for Business and Teams users and Users can communicate with Skype users settings. Once enabled, these settings may take a couple of hours to propagate down. For more information on external access, see the Microsoft documentation here.

To initiate a call, simply search the Teams ID email in the search field within the Skype TX Controller. When the contact appears, hit the video call button. For incoming calls, the Skype account logged into Skype TX must be on the contact list within Microsoft Teams. The Teams account can do this simply by clicking ‘Add Contact’ from within Contacts.

It may sometimes be the case that an email address has both a Skype and Microsoft Teams account. When this is the case, two results will appear in the search field within the Skype TX Controller. When this happens, the plain email is the Skype account, while the email with the prefix 2: is the Microsoft Teams account.


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