Registering your Quicklink TX

Registering your Quicklink TX

To register your Quicklink Control Panel you will first need to create a Company and Administrator account.


To create a company and administrator account you will need to receive a unique registration URL. This URL can be obtained by emailing


Once you’ve received your unique URL from the Quicklink Support team, enter it into a web browser.

Next, enter your company and administrator details to register. Ensure that you enter the telephone/mobile number of an SMS enabled device to receive the verification SMS message.

Click ‘Verify User’ and an SMS message will be sent to the telephone/mobile number provided. Once received, enter the verification code and click ‘OK’.


A prompt will confirm that the entered number has been verified. Click ‘OK’.

When verified, click ‘Sign Up’. You will be redirected to the Quicklink Manager, you can now close this window. 

Return to the Quicklink Control Panel. Enter the administrator account details made in the last step into the username and password fields. When entered, click ‘Register’.  


Your Quicklink TX will now be registered. 

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