Tally light


The tally light feature allows an image to be returned to the caller’s screen. A live on-air notification can be sent to the return caller. Alternatively, any image may be selected such as a corporate logo or copyrighted text.

Select the Configure button to bring up the tally light settings window. From this window you can configure up to three tally lights and toggle them on or off.


The Select Image button allows a desired image to be selected. The location of this image can be adjusted by manipulating the X and Y sliders. Resetting the tally light removes the image and defaults back to X    (0) and Y (0).


Output text 

From the same tally light setup configuration window, the output text feature enables you to add a text overlay to your video routed out the output device.

You can format the output text colour, font type, font size and change emphasis by adding bold or italic formatting. The location of the text can be adjusted by manipulating the X and Y sliders. Enter your desired text in the ‘Text Overlay’ box.

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