Skype TX Controller

The Skype TX controller manages the incoming Skype and Microsoft Teams calls by allowing allocation of calls to channels. An array of features allows control over the calls. When combined with the QuickLink TX Control Panel, this works seamlessly to provide an exceptional user experience.

To download the Skype TX Controller application, click here.


Getting started  

In order to log in to the Skype TX controller, a Skype account must be used. If you do not already have access to one, they can be created here:    


The unit must be connected to an active internet connection in order to log in.  

Once logged into the unit, the TX Controller App channels will need to be added. These channels will be what incoming calls are assigned to. To add a channel, select the grid icon in the top right corner of the software. This will display the channel configuration interface. Enter the host name (unit serial number) or the IP of the QuickLink TX that you wish this channel to control.  

mceclip1.png   mceclip2.png

Once the channel is added, the option of selecting the channel to be created appears. Select the channel number you wish to add. This is important as the channel number is directly linked to the channel listed in the QuickLink TX Control Panel window.  


If the TX is being controlled by a local machine, the software may request the unit credentials in order to connect. 



Channel features  

Inside the channel menu, an array of controls is available. A preview of the incoming video from the caller and the return video going back to the caller can be seen. Click the icons at the bottom of the channel window to cycle through the different options.  




This section allows the control the video output and the audio of the unit.   

  • Output resolution - The output can be up scaled or downscaled
  • Enable/disable the logo
  • Define the Skype logo position
  • When not on the call – set what is shown on the screen when not on a call
  • Enable/disable Skype audio features



Snap Shot  

  • Define the minimum call resolution for the channel
  • Define snapshot options of when to display if incoming caller video is dropped
  • Take a snapshot

Version Control

  • This section shows if you have the latest version and gives the ability to revert to older versions.



Contacts are retrieved from your skype account and displayed on the left side of the screen. New contacts are searchable and can be added to your contact list. When adding a contact, a message can be sent as it is with regular skype for desktop.  




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