Updating the Quicklink TX

Open ‘Quicklink Update Manager’ on the Quicklink TX desktop. If there is no application on the desktop, click the Windows icon on the bottom tool bar, then click Quicklink Update Manager.

When the Quicklink Update Manager has launched, click Check for updates.


The more recent update will now appear. Click the Download update checkbox to download.


Once the update has been downloaded, click Install.


During the installation process you may be prompted to update Blackmagic. If you receive this message, please click Ok and continue the following steps. If you are not prompted to update Blackmagic, your Studio Server will now be updated.


You will now be redirected to the Blackmagic website and prompted to save the download file. Click Save.

Once your file has downloaded. Go into your Downloads, locate the .zip folder, right click and select Properties.


When in the file properties, check the Unblock checkbox under the Security section. Then click Apply


Next right click the Blackmagic .zip file and select Extract All, then click Extract.


When the update has been extracted, open the Blackmagic file and click run the Installer application.


When the installer starts, check I accept the terms in the License Agreement then click Next.


You will get a prompt notifying that your Quicklink TX needs to reboot, click OK.


When your Quicklink TX has restarted, the installation process will continue.


When the installation process has finished, click Finish.



You will again be prompted to restart your system. Click Yes.



Once your Quicklink TX has restarted you will be prompted with a message that there is a Blackmagic software update required. Click Update Now.


When the software update is completed you will receive a prompt to shut down your computer. Click Shut Down.


You will now need to turn the Quicklink TX back on by pressing the power button on the front of the server.


When the Quicklink TX has booted, click Install.



Once the update has installed, open ‘Quicklink Control Panel’ from the desktop to reopen the application.



Please contact support if you have any questions or require assistance: support@quicklink.tv.




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