Introduce Quicklink Studio callers

For instructions on inviting guests, managing settings and using the Quicklink Manager, please refer to the Quicklink Manager section.

Cre8 is linked to an individual Quicklink Manager account. This account will have its preconfigured Waiting and Conference rooms. To associate both Cre8 and Quicklink Manager, you will need to make sure you are using a common username and password.

Once the initial configuration has been completed, you are now ready to add your Quicklink Studio callers into your scenes. Within the scene you would like to add your Quicklink Studio caller, select the plus.png icon, locate Quicklink Studio from the sources, then click Add Source.


You will now see all seats within your conference room (displayed as Cre8Caller1 through to Cre8Caller8) and a Screen Share option. These seats are labelled within the Quicklink Manager as follows:

Select your chosen seat then click OK.


Once added your Quicklink Studio caller source will appear. If no user populates the seat, a holding image will appear until a caller is moved into the seat.


To add further Quicklink Studio callers to a scene, or to add the same caller to multiple scenes, please repeat the steps above of adding Quicklink Studio sources.


Returning a Program Return to callers

It is also possible to return a program return to callers within a Conference room.


To enable this option, open the settings by selecting the gear__3_.png icon, navigate to Advanced, then scroll to the Return Output Configuration section.


Select the video you would like to return back into the conference call, this can be either the Program Output, or a specific scene depending on your workflow. The audio option will allow you to return the program audio, or select a Aux audio which you can configure to create a mix-minus. Instructions on creating Aux audio and mix-minus can be found here. Clicking Apply will save your setting changes.

To start your program return, select the Start button. Once running, the button will appear green.


To stop your program return, simply press Stop.

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