Recording individual scenes (ISO)

Cre8 allows you to record individual scenes in mov format. This option gives you full flexibility, allowing you to ISO record scenes as clean feeds that can be used in post-production.

Please note, as recordings are encoded using the NDI coedec, an install of NDI Tools will be required on your edit workstation to allow decode of the mov file. Please download and install NDI Tools from the website.

To begin individual recording scenes, you will firstly need to create a scene with the sources you would like to record. It is recommended that scenes between 25-48 are used for recording.

It is also useful to rename your scene (e.g. Caller 1-2 ISO REC). You can rename your scene by right-clicking the scene and selecting Rename.


Once you have renamed your scene, select the scene in preview, then build the scene that you would like to ISO record by selecting the plus-icon.png icon and adding your sources.


Next, open the Cre8 settings by selecting the gear__3_.png icon, and navigate to the Advanced tab.



Under the Video column, select the scene created with your added source (i.e. Caller 1-2 ISO REC).


Within the Audio column, select an Aux that isn't being used (i.e Aux 10).


Next, navigate to the Audio tab within the settings. Within the Audio Bus section, locate your Aux just selected, then add all sources that are part of the scene you would like to ISO record.


Navigate back to the Advanced tab. Click the cog.png icon to open the Output Settings. Then tick the Enable NDI Output box. You can also give your NDI output a friendly name if you wish. 


Before you can start recording the scene you'll need to make sure your output is started.


You are now ready to begin recording your ISO recording. Right click an NDI Recorder from the bottom of the interface, then select the friendly NDI Name you have entered to assign your ISO recording to an NDI Recorder. When assigned, click the NDI Name (i.e. Caller 1-2 ISO REC) to begin recording.


Once recording has started, your ISO recording name will begin to flash, and a timer will display how long the recording has been running.


To stop the recording, simply press the flashing NDI Name. Before the recording stops, a prompt will pop up to confirm the stopping of recording. Select Yes.


Once recording has stopped, your recording will be saved within Videos > NDISources in mov format.

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