Installing the Quicklink Switcher on your own hardware

If you do not have an installer for the Quicklink Switcher, please request your download here.

The recommended hardware required for using the Quicklink Switcher on your own hardware can be found here.

It is required that an Nvidia graphics card is installed in the system.

Once you have received your Quicklink Switcher installer download, run the installer by clicking Open.

Once the InstallShield Wizard is open, click Next to install.


Next, read through the License Agreement, then select I accept the terms in the license agreement, then click Next to continue installation.


Finally, click Install to begin installation of the Quicklink Switcher.


The installer will now run, and you will be prompted to install VB-Audio Virtual Cable, VB-Audio Cable A, VB-Audio Cable B and VB-CABLE Package C & D. For each of these installers, click Install. It is very important that all three installers of VB-Audio are installed to ensure the Quicklink Switcher is installed correctly.

Once completed, click Finish to complete installation of the Quicklink Switcher.


You have now finished installation and the Quicklink Switcher will be available in your programs and desktop to be run.

Once run, you will need to register your Quicklink Switcher. Within the popup, create a Quicklink Studio account by clicking the register link.


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