Recording individual sources (ISO)

When using StudioPro it is possible to record individual sources in .mov format. With this possibility, you can individually record callers, camera inputs and other sources, giving you complete freedom and flexibility in post-production.

Please note, as recordings are encoded using the NDI codec, an install of NDI Tools will be required on your edit workstation to allow decode of the .mov file. Please download and install NDI Tools from the website.

To ISO record a source, select the source you would like to record, then click the Filters button to open source filters.


Once the Filters window is open, within the Effect Filters, click the effect-filter-plus-icon.png icon then select the Dedicated NDI™ output filter.


Enter a friendly name for your Dedicated NDI™ output (e.g. Caller #1 ISO REC), then click OK.


Once the Dedicated NDI™ output filter has been added, within the NDI name field, enter the same friendly name as above (i.e. Caller #1 ISO REC). Click Apply changes then Close.


You are now ready to begin ISO recording your source. Right-click an NDI Recorder from the bottom of the StudioPro interface, then select the friendly NDI Name you have entered to assign your ISO recording to an NDI Recorder. When assigned, click the NDI Name (i.e. Caller #1 ISO REC) to begin recording.


Once recording has started, your ISO recording name will begin to flash, and a timer will display how long the recording has been running.


To stop the recording, simply press the flashing NDI Name. Before the recording stops, a prompt will pop up to confirm the stopping of recording. Select Yes.


Once recording has stopped, your source recording will be saved within Videos > NDISources in .mov format.

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