Adding a display logo to Conference room

Within a Conference room, it is possible to display a company logo, or other image that appears for participants within the Conference room. This is a great way to push your brand during a production.


Uploading a display logo

To add a display logo to your conference room, hover your cursor over the Conference room then click the edit-room-icon.png icon. Please note, this only appears if your Conference room is empty. If participants or Servers are populated within your room, they will need to be removed to upload a display logo.

Within the Room Settings popup, navigate to the Display Logo tab.

Drag your logo into to dotted area, or select browser and choose your chosen logo. The maximum size for a logo is 300x150px. Png, jpg, jpeg, svg file file formats are supported.

Your display logo is now uploaded, and will begin appearing within the Conference room for participance as follows:

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