Conference Room

The Conference room is a room where participants can be placed into a call to create a group conference. The default for this room is 8 participants, however this can be increased to 24, please contact the Quicklink Sales team to discuss the number of participants. Independent video and audio can be pulled for each individual participant. In this room type, the contributor has the control of their view; tile view (all other participants tiled) or focused view (focus on any of the chosen participant).

Before introducing your participants into a Conference room call, you will need to configure the data rate of your room. Hover over your empty Conference room, then select the edit-room-icon.png icon.

Select the data rate of your room, this can be adjusted from 128Kb up to 4Mb. Please be aware there will need to be sufficient bandwidth for the call quality to be the highest possible.

In addition, from the Room Settings you can also enable/disable chat (messaging) within the Conference room call. Enabling this option allows participants within the Conference room the option to text chat between each other. It is also possible to rename your Conference room from this window. When configured, click Save to save changes and close.

You are now ready to begin your Conference room call. To initiate a Conference room call, simply drag your participants onto the Contributors line. If using the Quicklink Switcher to create your production, please refer to the Introduce Quicklink Studio callers.

Please note: when the first device is dropped into room, the call will initiate.


Conference room control

When in a Conference room call, you can mute a participant microphone by pressing the mirphone-icon.png icon and stop their video by pressing the video-icon.png icon. To request the unmute of a participant press the microphone-disabled-icon.png icon, and to request the start a participants video pressing the video-disabled-icon.png icon. Once requested, a audio-request.gif and video-request.gif icon will appear until accepted by your participant. Your participant will then receive a prompt to request the unmuting of the microphone or enabling of the camera.


It is also possible to mute all participants audio and stop all participants video within a Conference room. To mute all participants audio, press the mirphone-icon.png icon next to the Conference room title. To stop all participants video, press the video-icon.png icon next to the Conference room title. When muting and stopping all participants video, a confirmation message will appear, press Yes to confirm.

To remove a participant from a room, simply drag the device to the left side of the interface where the users are listed. Alternatively, you can remove all participants within a Conference room by pressing the exit-icon.png icon.

It is also possible to view a preview (multiview) of all Conference room participants. This allows you to view the video, audio, statistics and talkback to participants. For more information on this, please refer to the Previewing participants in a Conference Room article.


To pull a contributor's audio and video you need to place a server channel into the Playout Server seat underneath that particular guest. 

You can place as many server channels underneath a guest as you like. This opens up a wealth of possibilities for distributing that feed. 






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