Overview of the ST500 (Studio-in-a-box) user interface



Show/hide preview - Allows to see a preview of what's being sent back to the SIB or hide it 

Mute/unmute microphone - Mutes or unmutes whichever device you are using to get audio to the SIB

Stop/start video - Stops or starts again the video feed you are sending out

Show/hide settings - Brings up or hides all available settings for the SIB

Record settings - Set your recording format, rate control, bitrate and quality. Start and download recording

Studio/Skype settings - Choose between outputting to Studio or Skype 

Audio settings - Adjust microphone and headphone levels

Video settings - Adjust positioning and brightness of camera

User accounts - Sign in to Studio or Skype

Network settings - Setup and choose network adaptors


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