Sending video and audio return to the Conference Room and/or Waiting Room

You can add a program return from Cre8 into your existing workflow within the Quicklink Manager very easily. Not only can you simply and effectively add Studio callers but you can also send your program feed or any individual scene back to your Conference and/or Waiting Room as a program return. 

This can be done at the click of a button so, there's no need to drag servers around in your portal anymore.

Within the project you would like to create a return, click on the COG.png icon to open the settings window. 

Navigate to the Advanced tab and then scroll down to Return Output Configuration


You will see you have options for 4 different types of output. Program, Caller, Waiting or Virtual Camera. The Type dropdown menu allows you to select one of the following;

  • Program allows you to send specific video and audio feeds back to a conference room or rooms if you have 2 as the Program Return
  • Caller allows you to send video and audio back to your portal to put in a call just like you would add a guest. 
  • Waiting allows you to send audio and video sent back to your Waiting Room
  • Virtual Camera allows you to send video and audio to pick up as an input instead of a webcam. 

The Video drop down menu allows you to select whether you would like to send the Program, a specific scene or no video back to the chosen room. 


From the Audio menu you can select whether you would like to send back no audio, Program or one of the 10 Aux buses. 


The Audio Input section is not changeable, this is visible to indicate which virtual cables are in use. 

Under Room you can select which one of your rooms to send the feed back to. If you only have one conference room and one waiting room, you will only have one option in each box. 


To start sending the feeds back to your rooms, click START. You can have one or both running at any given time. The button will turn green to indicate they are running.


Within the Quicklink Manager, the program returns should now appear within the rooms configured above.

To stop the program returns when not in use, simply press STOP in the advanced settings on Cre8.

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