Introduce WhatsApp callers

With StudioPro it is possible to introduce WhatsApp callers into your productions. This is achieved by using the Display Capture or Window Capture sources.

You'll firstly need to be signed in to WhatsApp on either WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Mac/Windows PC. Instructions on downloading and configuring WhatsApp Web and Desktop can be found on the WhatsApp Help Center.

Once you've connected and signed in to WhatsApp, select the person you wish to start a call with (bear in mind, you can only do a WhatsApp video call with a single person, not a group), then click the camera icon up the top near their name. 

Once the call has initiated and the caller has answered, a pop-out window will appear with the callers video. Select the maximise icon to make the pop-out window fullscreen.

Once maximised your call will appear fullscreen. If your callers device is in portrait mode, the call will appear as below. It is recommended that the device is rotated to horizontal mode for best results.

The WhatsApp call is ready to be brought in as a Source on StudioPro. Within StudioPro, select the scene you would to add the caller to, then select the plus icon within Sources to add a source.

Select either the Window Capture or Display Capture source, then click Add Source. For this example we will use Window Capture.


Enter a friendly name for your source (e.g. WhatsApp Caller 1), then click OK


Next, select the window you would like to use from the dropdown menu. This will appear as [WhatsApp.exe]: USER NAME - WhatsApp video call. Then click OK.


You have now added your WhatsApp caller to your StudioPro production. You are now able to resize and reposition as you wish.

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