Controlling StudioPro using Parsec

Firstly, you'll need to download Parsec, this can be achieved by clicking here.


Download the 64 bit version. 



Choose the location where you would like to save the application on your PC. Click Save. 



You'll then need to log in to the Parsec app using the details provided to you by the QuickLink Support Team. This log in request will then have to be accepted and confirmed by the Support team before you can log in. 



Once you're signed in you'll see all available connections and your own PC on the left. 



Click Connect on the PC you would like to take control of. The name will be provided to you by the Quicklink Support Team. 



Enter the Admin password for the PC. It'll be the same password as you've been given for Parsec. You'll then be taken to the Desktop of the PC you are controlling.


Click the parsecparsecicon.png icon to configure your settings.

Recommended setting and instructions are:

Codec: H265

Decoder: NVIDIA

4:4:4 colour: On

Add screens: 3


If you wish to transfer files to the device you will need to have Dropbox or something similar set up.


Open StudioPro by clicking the icon. 



You'll then need to sign in with your QuickLink credentials. 



You'll then be able to use the StudioPro software. 



Once you're finished with your session, close down the StudioPro software and on the desktop, click the parsecparsecicon.png icon. 


From the drop down menu, select Disconnect. 



This will take you back to the Parsec application. From there, click the Log Out button and then press Log Out. 


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