Can I change the language of the Quicklink Manager?

Yes, the Quicklink Manager's language localisation allows all text within the Quicklink Manager to be served in the browser-detected local language. With language localisation, your contributors also see content, such as the waiting page, in their local language.

NOTE: If you have yet to add a language to your web-browser, click here to read how to add a language to Google Chrome.

To change your Quicklink Manager language, navigate to the Quicklink Manager and log in. In the top-right hand corner, you will notice a language selector option.

Select the drop-down box, then select the language you would like your Quicklink Manager interface to be displayed in.

The Quicklink Manager will now be displayed in your selected language.


Adding a language to Google Chrome

If you have yet to configure your language within your web-browser, but would like to take advantage of this feature, these following instructions will explain how to add a language.

To set a language in your browser, click on the icon.pngicon in the top right hand corner. Then open Settings

Within the top search bar, search for 'add language', then select Add languages

From the pop-up window, search and select your desired languages. When selected, click Add.

Your language will now be added and displayed. Select the more actions icon next to your newly added language, then select the checkbox next to Display Google Chrome in this language.

Select Relaunch. Once Google Chrome has relaunched, navigate to the Quicklink Manager then follow instructions at the top of this article.

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