Sharing a Cre8 Project with the community

IMPORTANT: When exporting Projects to share with the Cre8 community, please ensure that there isn't any sensitive Output information configured as this will be carried across when exporting Projects.

Sharing your productions created in Cre8 is a fantastic way to help and support the Cre8 community. In addition you can also get creative and provide productions as a chargeable service to other Cre8 users - which can be very easily imported with all setup configured!

You will firstly need to export your Cre8 Project, to achieve this please refer to the Exporting a Cre8 Project Knowledge Base article.

Once you have exported your Project, it is highly recommended that you create a .zip file of your Project. This will allow you to quickly upload your Project, and will allow other Cre8 community users to download your Project quicker.

Once zipped, upload your Project to a cloud file hosting platform such as Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.

Once uploaded, obtain a shareable link. This must be a link that can be accessed by anybody with the link.

Next, navigate to the Quicklink Forum and enter the Share your Projects sub-forum.

Once in the Share your Projects sub-forum, click New Topic.

Enter a title and description for the Project you are sharing. It is important that you share as much information as possible about your production, including purpose and what's included within the Project. It is also recommended that you upload screenshots. You can see an example of a shared Project with supplied information here.

When you have reviewed the information, click Create Topic to share your Project.

Good job! Your Project is now shared with the Cre8 community.

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