Installing VB-CABLE

Before using your Program Return to your Conference Room using the Community version, you will need to install a VB-CABLE. When you first open up your settings you will see that under Audio Input it says None. 


If you click Start a window will appear with a message notifying you that you need to install a Virtual Audio Driver. Click Yes


Clicking Yes will bring you to this article. Next, visit the VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device website.

Once on the VB-AUDIOP Software page, click the Windows download button.


Save the ZIPPED file in your preferred location.


Extract the file and from the list, run the Setup x64 file as an Administrator.

When prompted, click Install Driver


Once completed you will receive a notification. Click OK.


You'll now need to restart the Cre8 software. Once relaunched, log in and head to the Advanced Settings tab. You will now see the Program line available. Simply click Start to begin your Program Return.


If you now log into the Quicklink Manager, you will now see your Program Return in your portal.

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