Changing Call Thumbnail in Conference Room

Please note that Call Thumbnail is only supported with Quicklink Cre8 or the use of Output URLs. This is not currently supported in outputs using Quicklink Studio Servers (ST100, ST102, ST208 or ST200)

The Call Thumbnail option in Conference Room settings allows you to change a thumbnail when there is no video source present in a room position. From the Quicklink Manager there are six available  thumbnail types, with the ability to also upload your own thumbnail. This is extremely useful if you have a guest on a poor connection and would like to set a custom thumbnail if their call drops. An example of this is to fall back to a silhouette or company logo.

To configure your Call Thumbnail, within an empty Conference room, hover and select the settings icon.


Select the Call Thumbnail tab. 


Here you will see the default six thumbnails Select the thumbnail you wish to use from the ones available. 


It is also possible to upload your own custom thumbnail. Select the upload option.


Locate and select the thumbnail you would like to use.


You now have that thumbnail available to use. Select the uploaded image then close the room settings to start using your new thumbnail.


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