Creating, editing and duplicating projects

Projects allow you to create multiple studios with pre-configured settings that can be easily recalled or switched between. This is an ideal feature if you have different studio setups, or plan to transport your studio.


  1. Creating a new Project
  2. Duplicating a Project
  3. Editing a Project
  4. Deleting a Project


Creating a new Project

To create a Project, log into your Remote Studio portal, then click SETTINGS in the top-right corner.

From the General tab, you can create, duplicate, edit and delete projects. To create a new project, click NEW


Enter a friendly name for your project, add a description if you wish and then click OK.


You have now successfully created a new project. You can now add your devices and configure your project settings.


Duplicating a Project

By duplicating a project you can create a copy of a project, which can be edited without affecting the original project. This option is extremely useful when creating a new project that uses many of the same elements as another project. This is also extremely useful for experimenting with a project without affecting the previous project if you would like to roll back.

To duplicate a Project, head back into the settings and select DUPLICATE.


Enter a name and description for your duplicated project, then click OK


You have now successfully duplicated your project.


Editing a Project

To edit project information, such as the name or description, Ensure that the project you wish to edit it selected, then click Edit


From the Edit Project window, you can change the name or description of the project. Once you're happy with your changes, click OK to save.

Edit Project.png

You have now successfully edited your project.


Deleting a Project

If you need to delete a project, with the project selected in the settings window, click DELETE.


You will be prompted to confirm deletion of the project. If this is intended, click YES.


You have now successfully deleted your project.

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