To access the recording feature, open the settings by tapping the mceclip0.png icon, then tap the mceclip1.png icon to open additional settings.

Click the mceclip2.png icon to configure your recording settings.


Select your recording format preference (.MKV or .MP4).

Select your preferred rate control (Constant Bitrate or Constant Quality). Selecting ‘Constant Bitrate’ will enable you to choose the bitrate of your recording, this can be configured from 5-50 Mbps. Selecting ‘Constant Quality’ will enable you to choose the quality of your recording, this can be configured from 1 (best quality) to 51 (least best quality).

To save your settings, press ‘OK’.


To begin recording, tap the mceclip5.png icon. Once your recording has started, a recording icon and time indicator will appear at the top of the screen.

To stop the recording, tap the mceclip6.png icon.


You will receive a prompt to delete or save the recorded clip. Select ‘Save’, then tap ‘Execute’.


Your clip is now ready to transfer to a USB. Plug a USB drive/external storage device into one of the USB ports in the rear of the StudioBox.


Ensuring the settings menu is open, tap the mceclip9.png icon to begin the transfer of the recorded clip to your USB drive/external storage device.


You will now receive a prompt that the recorded file is moving to the USB drive. Please wait.

The time to complete the movement of the file will depend on the length of the recorded clip.


When the recorded clip has transferred you will receive a prompt to confirm. Tap ‘OK’.

Your recorded clip will now be available on your USB drive for use.


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