Quick start guide to QuickLink StudioPro

Within this article you'll learn how to get started with QuickLink StudioPro in just six easy steps!


Step 1: Launching QuickLink StudioPro

First things first! Launch QuickLink StudioPro from the desktop, then sign into StudioPro using your QuickLink credentials.



Step 2: Get started with Sources

Welcome to the QuickLink StudioPro interface! You will be presented with a blank canvas, so you'll need to add your first source. Click the plus (Plus.png) icon within Sources to add your first source.

To add an SDI source, select Blackmagic Device then click Add Source.


Give your source a friendly name if you wish, this helps with identifying your Sources within QuickLink StudioPro.


Select the port you wish to pull your SDI signal from. Your options will depend on the model unit you have.


You'll now want to add your second SDI source. Select Scene 2, then repeat this process for your second SDI source.


Step 3: Control and transition your production

You've now built your first production. To move your scene/source from the preview to the program, click Cut.

You can monitor and adjust audio levels for individual sources and the program feed from the main interface.


Step 4: Starting your first stream

Congratulations, you've built your first production — and you're now ready to begin streaming! To start your first stream, open the main settings window by clicking the COG.png icon.

On the Stream tab, you can choose to stream your production via SRT, RTMP or a designated streaming service. Let's stream our first production to YouTube, select Service within Services, then locate YouTube.


To stream to YouTube you'll need to obtain a unique stream key to authorize your stream. Click Get Stream Key to get you stream key.


You'll be re-directed to YouTube Creator Studio. Locate and copy your Stream Key, then paste it into the Stream Key area. Click Apply to save your changes!


Good job, you're ready to begin your stream! When ready, click Start Streaming.



Step 5: Output your production

In addition to streaming, you may also like to output your StudioPro production via SDI. Within the Settings window click the Advanced tab.


Click the COG.png icon for the output you wish to send out of.


From Device, select the SDI to which you would like to output your production, then click OK to save your updates.


You're now ready to start your output. Click Start to start outputting via SDI.



Step 6: Recording

You've successfully started streaming and outputting your first production. In addition, you may also wish to record your production. To begin recording your production, click Start Program Recording from the bottom-right of the interface.

Ready to stop streaming? Simply click it again to stop recording.


Congratulations, you've completed the beginner's guide to QuickLink StudioPro! Ready to advance? Here are more resources for you to continue:

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