Moving a StudioPro Project to another computer

If you have an existing StudioPro production and would like to move to another computer, this is possible through exporting and importing options within Projects. When exporting/importing Projects, all files and settings are also carried over, including inputs, recording settings, streaming settings, audio bus and more.

To achieve this you will firstly need to export your Project. On the computer that your StudioPro production is within, open Projects by selecting the projects-icon.png icon.

Ensure that the Project you would like to move is selected, then, press the Export button.

Select the location you would like to save your Project to.

Once exported, it is recommended that you create a .zip file of your Project. This will allow you to transfer your Project to another computer quicker. Once zipped, transfer your zipped Project to your other computer by your preferred means.

On the computer you want to import your StudioPro production, extract your transferred zipped Project.

Once extracted, within StudioPro open Projects by selecting the projects-icon.png icon.

Within the Projects window, click Import.

Locate and select your extracted Project file.

If import was successful, a message will appear. Click OK.

Your StudioPro production will now be available within your second computer with all settings copied. To access your Project, simply select it from the Projects window.

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