Integrating QuickLink StudioCall callers into Telestream Wirecast

Using the Output URL feature it is very easy to integrate QuickLink StudioCall callers into your Telestream Wirecast productions. This is a great way to add high-quality remote guests into your Wirecast production along with discrete audio.

Using QuickLink you can take advantage of introducing remote guests in high-quality, low-latency remote with professional management while still allowing you the flexibility of building and running your production on a platform familiar to you.

In Wirecast, set-up and configure your production.

Just like QuickLink StudioPro, Wirecast has useful templates available for easily creating tiles of sources.

In this example, we will use Placeholder C as the studio feed, and add QuickLink StudioCall callers into Placeholders A and B. Firstly, I'll assign my camera to Placeholder C. 

Then for A and B I'll assign a Web page from the Network source dropdown menu.

Returning to the QuickLink StudioManager, invite your guests and place them into a conference call.

Hover over the link_icon.png icon under your guest. Then click to copy the Ingest URL, and head back to Wirecast.

Within Wirecast, paste the copied Ingest URL for that guest in the URL box for the corresponding Web Page source.

Repeat these steps for each guest that you wish to add into your Wirecast production.

You'll also want to set up a return back to QuickLink StudioCall so, your guests can see and hear the studio feed. From the Output menu at the top of the interface, hover over Virtual Camera Out, then click Start.

Next, in the QuickLink StudioManager, open the user menu then click Invite Guest.

Configure the guest settings, selecting the invitation method of Link. This is the feed you'll send from Wirecast to your QuickLink callers so give a friendly name that reflects this (e.g. STUDIO). Click Send, then copy the available URL.

Open this link in an Incognito Google Chrome window. Set the Video Device to Wirecast Virtual Camera.

Set the Audio Device to Wirecast Virtual Microphone Driver.

You have now configured a return video and audio feed for your QuickLink StudioCall callers to view.

You have successfully brought your QuickLink StudioCall callers into your Telestream Wirecast production.

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