Integrating QuickLink StudioCall callers into OBS

Using the Ingest URL feature it is very easy to integrate QuickLink StudioCall callers into your OBS productions.

Within the QuickLink StudioManager, hover the link_icon.png icon below the associated seat that you are using and would like to add into OBS. Click Copy Ingest URL and when clicked will display a "Copied!" message.


You are now ready to add your QuickLink StudioCall caller into OBS. Open OBS, select the Scene you would like to add your caller to, then select the Plus icon within Sources to add a Source.


From the options available, select the Browser Source.


Enter a friendly name for your Source (i.e. QuickLink StudioCall Caller #1). Click OK.


Within the URL field, paste the Output URL copied from the QuickLink StudioManager. Set the width to 1920, and the height to 1080.


Enable the Control audio via OBS option which will allow you to monitor and control the audio of your caller within OBS. Click OK to add your QuickLink StudioCall caller.


Your QuickLink StudioCall caller will now be added to your OBS Scene. If there is no caller in the added seat, a placeholder will appear until you place a remote guest into the seat.


Once added you can now resize, crop, and re-position your caller in your production. You can also repeat the above steps to add multiple QuickLink StudioCall callers.



Sending a program return back to callers in a Conference room

It is possible to send a program return/studio feed back to callers within the Conference room from OBS.


From the Virtual Camera window, select the Output Type and Selection you would like to use. This can be configured to be the Program Output or a specific Scene. Click OK to save.


Once configured, click Start Virtual Camera.


Returning to the QuickLink StudioManager, select your user account from the left-hand side then click Invite Guest.


Enter a name for your guest (i.e. ProgramReturn), change the invitation method to Link, and enter an Expiry that surpasses the length of your event. Untick Assisted mode, then click SEND.


Copy the guest invite link. 

Next, open an Incognito window in your web browser. Paste the guest link just created and enter.

Change your camera device to OBS Virtual Camera. Your video will appear flipped, however this is intentional and will be correct when in call. 



Once completed, mute your microphone from the bottom control bar.


Within the QuickLink StudioManager you will now see your created device within the device list on the left-hand side. Drag this device into the Program Return space of the Conference room. You will see a preview of your program return.


Program_return_seat.pngGuests within your Conference room will now be able to see the return as configured within the Virtual Camera in OBS.


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