Configuring your stream settings

The Quicklink Remote Studio solution allows you to easily stream your multi-camera studio to any destination via RTMP, SRT, or a designed service such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch,, Bitmovin, and more.

Before streaming, you will need to configure your stream settings. To achieve this, click the SETTINGS button in the top-right corner.

Next, select the STREAMING tab. 


From here you can configure your Bitrate, Preset, Keyframe Interval and Profile.

Stream settings.png

Firstly you will need to set your streaming Bitrate and Profile. By default, the Bitrate is set to 2500 Kbps however you may want to fine-tune to suit your requirements. For streaming in full HD quality, it is recommended that the Bitrate is set between 1900 - 4500 Kbps, and that the Profile is set to high. A guideline on the quality you're looking to achieve, and the recommended settings are as follows:

  Low Definition Standard Definition High Definition Full High Definition
Bitrate 350 800 - 1200 1200 - 1900 1900 - 4500
Profile main high high high


When configuring the above settings, it is important to factor in the quality of the network to which the Quicklink ST250 is connected to avoid buffering issues. As a rule of thumb, your network speed should be at least double your configured bitrate to produce a high-quality stream and avoid buffering.

For example, if the network upload speed is 4000 Mbps, then your bitrate should not be higher than 2000 Mbps. Your network speed can be tested by visiting an online speed test such as Ookla.


Next, you will need to set your Keyframe Interval, this is the number of seconds a full video frame will be rendered. It is important to note that keyframes are resource-heavy. As a result, for streaming it is recommended that the Keyframe Interval is set to 2 seconds, which provides a good balance between quality and performance. This means that a full video frame will be rendered every 2 seconds.


Lastly, you should now set your Preset. Selecting the Low-Latency Quality option will allow you to stream with very low latency, this option is recommended when delivery timing is critical. Selecting the Max Quality option will add delay but improve the quality of your stream, this option is recommended when delivery timing is slightly flexible.


From this window you can also add your RTMPSRT, and Services, information on each of these is detailed in the following articles:

Once you have configured your settings, click SAVE.


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