Stream via SRT

From Remote Studio you can very easily stream your studios via SRT.

To configure your SRT stream, from the Remote Studio interface, click SETTINGS in the top-right corner.

Next, select the STREAMING tab. 


Firstly you will want to make sure you have configured and are happy with your streaming settings. If you have not previously configured this, and wish to learn more, please refer to the Configuring your stream settings article.


Next, locate the SRT section, then click ADD TARGET.


Enter a friendly name for your SRT stream, this could be the destination you are streaming to.

Friendly name.png

Within Hostname, type in the external IP address of the stream destination.


Choose a port to send to as well. The default is 10000, however, you can use whatever you like as long as it is open.


Once you are happy with your stream settings and SRT details, you will now need to save your changes before you start streaming. Click SAVE.

Save changes.png

Your SRT target is now configured. When you are ready, click START STREAMING to begin streaming.


When you're finished, simply click STOP STREAMING.

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