Stream via RTMP

From the Remote Studio interface, you can very easily live stream your studio production via RTMP. This is very useful if you wish to stream your studio production to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bitmovin, Dacast, Wowza, and more!

To configure your RTMP stream, from the Remote Studio interface, click SETTINGS

Within the Settings window, select the STREAMING tab. 


Firstly you will want to make sure you have configured and are happy with your streaming settings. If you have not previously configured this, and wish to learn more, please refer to the Configuring your stream settings article.

Streaming settings.png

Next, locate the RTMP section, then click ADD TARGET.


Enter a friendly name for your RTMP stream, this could be the destination you are streaming to.

Friendly name.png

Paste the RTMP/Server URL from your desired streaming destination into RTMP Server.

RTMP server.png

In RTMP Key, paste your personal key from your streaming destination channel.

RTMP Key.png

Once you are happy with your stream settings and RTMP details, you will now need to save your changes before you start streaming. Click SAVE.


Your RTMP target is now configured. When you are ready, click START STREAMING to begin streaming.


When you're finished, click STOP STREAMING.


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