Stream to Services

Quicklink Remote Studio offers native integration with a number of different streaming services, including Bitmovin, BoxCast, Castr, DaCast, Facebook Live, Livestream,, SwitchboardLive, Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, and more!

To configure your stream to a service, from the Remote Studio interface, click SETTINGS.

Within the Settings window, select the STREAMING tab.


The first thing you will want to do is ensure that you have configured and are happy with your streaming settings. If you have not previously configured this, and wish to learn more, please refer to the Configuring your stream settings article.

Streaming settings.png

Scroll and locate Services. From the dropdown menu, select the streaming service that you wish to stream to. You will find all the major streaming platforms available to you!


Once you have selected your destination, select the appropriate Server (if there is more than one option).


Next, you will need to paste the stream key that you can obtain from the destination that you wish to stream to, into Stream Key.

Stream Key.png

Once you are happy with your stream settings and Service details, you will now need to save your changes before you start streaming. Click SAVE.


Your Service is now configured. When you are ready, click START STREAMING to begin streaming.


When you're finished, click STOP STREAMING.


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