Hotkeys (Shortcuts)

The hotkeys option, also known as shortcuts, are keystroke shortcuts that can be assigned to keys to perform actions.

Hotkeys can be assigned to start/stop streaming, start/stop recording, transition, switch scenes, show/hide sources, mute/unmute sources, play/pause/stop media and more.

To configure hotkeys, open the Cre8 settings by clicking the mceclip0.png icon.



Then select the Hotkeys tab. By default you won't have any shortcuts in here, this allows you complete flexibility when choosing your personalised Hotkeys.



To create a hotkey, click in the box for the action you want to create a shortcut for and press the shortcut you wish to use. For example, Start Streaming could be set to CONTROL + S. 



You may well decide that it makes sense to have the same shortcut to stop the stream as well. You're free to do this. Just click in the box for Stop Streaming and set it to CONTROL + S. 



There are many options for Hotkeys, you can set a shortcut for anything from a certain transition, switch to a specific scene or even to mute/unmute a particular caller. Whatever action you can think of where a shortcut would speed up your production, it's probably in the Hotkeys section ready for you to customise. 


If you decide you want to remove a Hotkey or Revert to the previous one, you can click the icons to the right of the hotkey. 



Once you've set up all the Hotkeys you want to use, just click apply and these settings are saved. 



Hotkeys can be mapped to allow actions to be performed from external hardware controllers.

X-Keys controllers are the recommended external hardware to be used with Cre8.

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