Transitions allow you different ways of transitioning from one scene to another. There are multiple default types of transition such as Cut, Fade and Wipe or custom Stinger transitions. 

The standard way to move from one scene to another is to Cut between them. If you press the Cut button you'll perform a cut between the Preview and Program. Under this button you have four other buttons which you can set to a different pre-set transition or a custom stinger transition and a Fade to Black.  

You can also use the T-Bar to move between scenes as you would on a hardware Vision Mixer.


The following transitions are available within StudioPro:

  • Fade - As the Program scene fades out the Preview scene fades in. 
  • Fade to Black - Usually used at the end of a production, the current scene fades out, leaving behind a black screen. 
  • Swipe - Swipes the Program scene out, while the Preview swipes in in it's place. You can swipe left to right, right to left, up to down or down to up. This can be changed in the Advanced Settings (more details below).
  • Slide - Similar to a swipe but slightly smoother. 
  • Fade to Colour - Just like a normal fade, the Program feed will fade out but before the Preview comes in a colour will briefly flash. You can chose the colour in advanced settings. 
  • Luma Wipe - Here you have a plethora of different transitions. You can access these in Advanced settings. 
  • Move: With this effect, matching video sources in one scene will transition to the next scene gracefully by moving to a new location while the scenes change.

There are also two slots for custom Stinger transitions that can be created and edited within the advanced settings. A Stinger transition overlays a video on top of a cut to create a custom transition. More on this later in the article. 


Advanced settings

Through the Advanced Settings you can edit the properties of your transitions. To achieve this, open settings by clicking the settings-icon.png icon, select the Advanced tab, then scroll down to Transitions


To edit your transitions, select the type of transition you wish to change and then click the settings-icon.png icon. This will bring up all the properties for the selected transition. 

Swipe and Slide both have the same changeable properties. You can change the direction to Left, Right, Up or Down. You can preview the transition before going live with it by pressing the Preview Transition button. Clicking Defaults sets the transition back its default settings. Clicking OK saves any changes you have made. 


Within Fade to Colour you can select the colour you wish the transition to fade to. Using the Peak Colour Point slider you can set at which point within the transition the colour is most prominent. As with the other transitions you can Preview your transition or set back it back to default settings. 


The Luma Wipe transition can be modified to one of the over 30 pre-sets available. To choose your transition open up the Image drop down menu. Set the Softness to adjust how defined the edges of the transition appear. If you want your Luma Wipe to transition the opposite way around to default then tick the Invert box. As with all transitions you can Preview it to make sure you're happy with it or return it to it's default settings if you're not.



Stinger Transitions 

Stinger transitions overlay a video between two sources as you transition from one to the other. There are 3 types of Stinger to choose from in StudioPro. You can set the cut point by Time (ms) or by Frame or you can use a Track Matte. In this mode, there is no cut point. The transition between the current scene and the next scene has a 'mask' video placed over the top of it. 

To upload and edit your Stinger transitions, open the properties in the advanced settings. In the Video File box, click Browse and then select the video files you want to use from wherever you have them saved on your machine. 


From here you can also set the cut point in Frames or Time (ms), whether you wish to use hardware decoding and actually set the point cut point itself from the Transition Point box.  

To enable the track matte, tick the Use a Track Matte box.

You can change the way the Matte behaves by clicking the Matte Layout drop down menu. This can either be side-by-side or stacked.

Tick the box to Invert Matte Colours

You can set Audio Monitoring to be either Off, monitor only or monitor and output. The Audio Fade Style can be adjusted between fade out or crossfade by selecting in the drop down menu. 

As with all transitions you can Preview your transition before going live with it by pressing the Preview Transition button. 


Once happy, click OK to save and assign your Stinger.


T-Bar Type

You can also change the type of transition you would like the T-Bar to perform when you move it. 



Double-Click Type

If you have 'Enable Program Scene Change on double click' ticked, you can select which transition type you would like a double click to perform. 


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