How to add QuickLink University certification to LinkedIn profile

Once you have completed your QuickLink University course, and achieved a grade of 80% or higher, you will receive official QuickLink certification. This certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile easily.

To add your certificate, first navigate to LinkedIn ( then enter your user profile.

Within your profile, scroll to the Licenses & certifications section, then select the plus (+) icon to add a certificate.

If you do not see the Licenses & certifications section within your profile, select Add section. Expand the Background section, then select Licenses & certifications.

Within the Name field, enter the course name. This will be the name of the course that appears on your certificate (e.g. QuickLink StudioManager: Introduction)


Next enter QuickLink into the Issuing organization field. It is important that you select the correct organisation. This is the company with the Broadcast Media tag associated as circled in the below image.


You will now be required to enter the issue/expiry information of your certificate. As your QuickLink certification does not expire, ensure the This credential does not expire field is ticked. Next, within the Issue date, select the month and year of issue that appears on your downloaded certification.


Next, within the Credential URL field, enter


Finally click Save to add your QuickLink certification to your profile. If you are adding multiple QuickLink certifications to your profile, please repeat the above steps.

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