Automation of scenes across mixes

Within Cre8 you are able to automate specific scene switches either by the press of a key, click of a mouse or at timed intervals. 

Automation allows you to do the job of multiple switchers on one single interface. You can automate your main program feed or any individual mixes you have set up. This could be great for running your main program feed as normal while having a sponsor loop running automatically on a separate screen. 

To access the Automation section, click on the COG.png icon to open the settings window. 

Click on the Automation tab. 

Automation-automationtab.pngTo add a new automation step, click the Automation-plusicon.png button.


You can continue to add more automation steps by pressing the Automation-plusicon.png button. This adds a step to the bottom.


Where you would like to add a step in-between two existing steps, press the Automation-downicon.png button.


If you would like to delete an existing step, simply press the Automation-deleteicon.png icon to the right.


Once you have added your steps, you can chose whether you would like to automate the Program or one the mixes by using the dropdown box.


Next, select the scene you would like to switch to.


In addition, it is also possible to switch multiple outputs simultaneously. This is achieved by pressing the Automation-righticon.png button to add an additional switch to the step. In this example I have the Program, Mix 1, Mix 2 and Mix 3 all switching scenes at the same time.


To remove an additional scene switch, simply click the Automation-lefticon.png button.


Running scene automation

Once you have set up your automation, you are ready to begin your automation workflow. To start simply press the Automation-playicon.png icon from the top of the Automation settings. A green arrow next to the step shows the current step within the sequence.

It is also possible to assign a hotkey to begin your sequence. Navigate to the Hotkeys tab. 


Set whatever key or combination of keys you would like to play the automation. 


It is also possible to set a timed sequence. Allowing you to set an interval time that will automatically play your step sequence. To enable this option, simple select Timed at the top of the Automation settings. Once enabled, an additional Interval box will appear, allowing you to change the interval duration in seconds for each step in your sequence.


To begin your timed Automation sequence, simply press the Automation-playicon.png icon or hit the key assigned in the Play Key field. Your sequence will begin, switching based on your entered interval values. To stop your Automation, simply press the Automation-stopicon.png button.

By default the sequence will play to end then stop but you can set it to loop continuously by ticking the loop box. 


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