Using Elgato Stream Deck Mobile to control QuickLink StudioPro

Using the Elgato Stream Deck plugin it is very easy to control aspects of your QuickLink StudioPro productions using Elgato StreamDeck. The StreamDeck can be used to switch scenes, perform different transitions, start/stop recording & streaming and more.

Depending on your mobile device, you will firstly need to install the Elgato Stream Deck Mobile application;

After installing, launch the Stream Deck mobile application. You will be prompted to allow Stream Deck the ability to find and connect to devices on your network, click Allow.


As Stream Deck Mobile required a subscription, you will be required to subscribe to activate. A 1-month free trial is available with the option to cancel if required. Once subscribed, you will then be prompted to connect your mobile device, we will come back to this step.


Next you will need to download and install the Stream Deck Application on the PC in which you are using StudioPro. Select the Stream Deck Mobile product, and then select the operating system of your machine. When selected, click DOWNLOAD.

Once downloaded, click Install to start the installation process.


Click Next and follow through the setup wizard.


Once completed, click Finish.


You have now successfully downloaded the Stream Deck application.


You will now need to connect your mobile device to your Stream Deck PC. On your mobile device, launch the Stream Deck app. You will be prompted to connect your device. You will need to make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same network as your PC.


Returning to Stream Deck on your PC, select the device menu from the top, then click Add Mobile Device.


Instructions and a QR code will appear. Using your mobile device, position the QR code shown within the blue frame.


You will be re-directed to the Stream Deck interface and your mobile device will be connected.


Once you have connected your Stream Deck Mobile, you can now install the StudioPro plugin. Click to open the Elgato Store.




In the top-right corner, search for QuickLink StudioPro.


Click Install.


You will be prompted to confirm, click Install.


Once installed. you will see the QuickLink StudioPro plugin in your list of available plugins on the right-hand side.


To add an action to an available slot just click, drag and drop it into whichever slot you like.


You can now change the properties of actions and fully customise your Stream Deck buttons.

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