Registering and Unregistering Studio Channels

You'll need to register for a QuickLink account in order to register your channels. If you haven't already been given one, request a unique registration URL from your sales rep. 

For instructions on how to register via the link, see this article here.

Once you have set up your company account, you can use the username and password you've just created to sign in to your channels. 

If you don't register your channels, you will not see them in the QuickLink Manager portal and therefore, will not be able to drop them into calls. 

If you don't see any channels, click Add Server in the top right hand corner of the QuickLink Control Panel. Leave the IP address as unless you have specific addresses set up already. 

Click Register Studio Channel. 


Enter your username and password. Click Register.


You should see a message saying you've registered that channel successfully. 


Repeat this process for all available channels. 

If you need to unregister your channels for whatever reason, click More Features on the channel in question. 


Click Unregister. 


Confirm you would like to unregister the channel. 


That channel will now be free to register to another account. 

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