Multi-channel audio

You can now utilise multichannel audio in the QuickLink StudioManager! Please bear in mind that this feature is currently only available as a server-to-server workflow in Pro Rooms.

To set this up you will first need to assign your multichannel audio source to a QuickLink Studio channel. This can be done entirely from the StudioManager or using the QuickLink Control Panel. From the StudioManager, click the settings-icon.png icon on the server channel with your multichannel audio source.

Server cog.png

Select the appropriate Input Device. For this example, we are using a surround sound video file, but your input could be SDI, NDI or any source that supports multichannel audio.

Input device.png

Next, set Audio Channels to whichever selection best suits your workflow. You have multiple options including selecting 2 channels from any available to sending and receiving all 16 audio tracks. 

Audio Channels.png

Make sure your second server channel is set up as you'd like it to. In this example, we are going to send and receive 6 channels of audio so we set my second channel up the same as my first.

Channel 2 setup.png

Now you need to put your 2 server channels into a call. Again, this will need to be a Pro call.

Active call.png

In this example, we are now sending and receiving 6 channels of audio. You can monitor this on the QuickLink Control Panel. Click Show All Channels in the Audio Properties section of 1 of your channels.

Show All Channels.png

This will pop out the Audio Gain Control window for that channel. You can see input and output audio tracks.

Audio gain control.png

The green bars indicate the signal coming in or going out. You can adjust the levels by clicking and dragging the fader on each channel. Double-click the bar to return it to 0dB.

Fader control.png

You can reset all of the faders by clicking Reset All.

Reset All.png

Use the scroll bar to see channels 9-16 if you're using them.

Scroll bar.png

That is how to setup and send and receive multichannel audio using QuickLink Studio.

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