Minimum requirements for QuickLink StudioCall callers

We want you to get the most out of your QuickLink StudioCall calls. Here's some advice and recommendations for making sure you have the right device and network capabilities to achieve this as a QuickLink guest.


Laptop and desktop system requirements

Compatible Operating systems

  • Windows 10 (64-bit) & up
  • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) & up


  Minimum Hardware Recommended Minimum Hardware
Windows Intel or AMD 64-bit processor with 2Gb of RAM Intel Core i5 3470 or AMD A8 6K series with 4GB of RAM. QUAD CORE
macOS 2012 2023



Speakers and webcam

  Speakers & Mic Webcam
Windows Any built-in or standalone Any built-in or standalone, 720p or higher camera recommended
macOS Any built-in or standalone Any built-in or standalone, 720p or higher camera recommended



Phone requirements

iPhones/iPads running iOS 13 (Safari 13) and above.

For Android phones, it depends on the browser that they are running, most Android phones running Chrome 71 and above should work fine, see below for further details.

In some cases (especially on iPhones) the user might have privacy settings set to deny the browser's access to the microphone and camera. In that case, the WebRTC call will obviously not be able to connect.


Guest Browser support


  • Safari 13 and above


  • Google Chrome 71+

  • Any browser based on Chromium 71+

Desktop (Windows/macOS):

  • Chrome 71+
  • Edge Chromium 71+
  • Safari 13+ (macOS)

Other browsers not listed here may work, but we do not officially support them. When connecting with an unsupported browser, the Quicklink page will attempt to warn the user that the call may not be possible.


Recommended connection speed:

Wired connection and broadband service recommended.
Both upload and download 2Mbps minimum recommended.


Other recommendations

Use the latest version of the Chrome browser (at least Version 63.0.0 or higher)

Close all other apps and programs .

Using an external USB microphone and/or headset is strongly recommended. 

Most capture cards are supported but we would recommend BlackMagic and AJA. 

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