Settings & Preferences

Before getting started with the Quicklink Manager, you will want to make sure all your settings and devices are set up to your liking.

This is very quick and easy to do. When you're signed in to the Quicklink Manager, click on your username/email address in the top-left corner to open the user menu. 


From the user menu, click Settings & Preferences.


On the Audio tab, you can configure which device you'd like to use as your microphone for talkback and which device you'd like to use as speakers to monitor devices in the Quicklink Manager (when PFL is pressed).


In the Display tab you can configure visual preferences. From here you can change the time zone of the clock, and choose to display a button to access preview/stats/buffer in PRO rooms. From here you are also able to disable video previews in rooms.


The Notifications tab holds settings/preferences for alerts/notifications. From here you can choose to enable/disable notifications, notification sounds.


Further settings/preferences are available in the More tab. From here you can enable/disable Sub Accounts, auto-connect, rating options and more.


When happy with your changes, click SAVE.

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