Sub Accounts

Sub Accounts allow to create permanent or temporary accounts which can be managed all under the same admin log in. You can assign users, guests, hardware and cloud-servers to Sub Accounts allowing you total control of your QuickLink infrastructure. 

This can be useful is you have multiple subsidiaries operating simultaneously but separately from each other but you still want to be able to manage it all under the same roof. Another use would be if you wanted to grant an operator access to an account and certain guests and hardware for a set period of time. The default number of Sub Accounts that can be created is one, however this can be increased to fit your workflow, please contact the QuickLink Sales team to discuss the number of Sub Accounts.

Before you start assigning things to your Sub-Accounts, you'll need to enable the Sub-Accounts option in Settings & Preferences. From the Quicklink Manager, open the user menu then click Settings & Preferences.


Navigate to the More tab, then enable Sub Accounts. Click SAVE.


You are now ready to configure your Sub Account. Open the user menu, then select Management.


Select the Sub Accounts tab.


If this is the first time using Sub Accounts, you will not see any created accounts. Click the plus icon to create a Sub Account.


Enter a friendly name for your Sub Account (e.g. News Show).


You are also able to set a start/end date for your account. This will allow the Sub Account to only be active for a set duration of time and is useful. If you would like your Sub Account to be permanently available, leave this option unticked. Click CREATE.


You will now see that your Sub Account has been created.



Assigning guests or hardware to a Sub Account

Once you have created your Sub Account, you can assign guests and hardware to only appear and be used within the specified Sub Account. To do this, from the user menu, click Management.

Navigate to the Guests tab.

Click the Guest you would like to assign to your Sub Account. This will open the settings.

To add a guest to a Sub-Account, if you didn't specify an account during the invite process (for more information on that, please see the Inviting Guests article) still in Management, go to the Guests tab and click on the guest. 


In the SubAccount dropdown menu select the appropriate account.


To save changes, click Update

You can do the same with your QuickLink server channels. Still in management, click the Hardware tab. Then click on the channel you want to assign to a Sub-Account. 



When you have all your accounts set up, go back to the main portal interface and select which account you wish to use for that production. 


You will then see the same portal but with only the guests and hardware assigned to that Sub-Account. 


Note: If you have a guest already connected and change their account, you will need to update their guest link so, they'll need to close the current one down and join again. 

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