Browser contributor

When you have been invited to contribute via QuickLink StudioCall, you will receive either an email, SMS or WhatsApp message, this will look as follows:



Once you have clicked the link, the QuickLink StudioCall will open in a web browser. This browser will depend on your device.
You will first get a message prompting that you will need to allow access to you camera and microphone. Click ‘Next’.


When prompted, click ‘Allow’ to enable QuickLink Studio access to your camera and microphone.
Once you have allowed access, follow the additional on-screen instructions to configure your camera, microphone and speaker settings. You will also be put through a device test to test your network and device performance. If this test is failed or issues are found, this will be displayed.


Once you have configured your camera, microphone and speaker settings, and have followed the additional instructions, you will be placed in a waiting room until an administrator connects you.
From here you can change your microphone/camera settings and raise your hand.
Once the Administrator has connected, you will be redirected into a call. Please refer to the point-to-point call and conference call sections below to learn about the interface and features within each.



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