Adding an account

When using the QuickLink StudioManager as an organisation, is it recommended that additional user accounts created. Using the Add Account option you can create Administrator, Manager, Operator and User accounts, all of which have different privileges and can achieve different levels within the QuickLink StudioManager. Users can also be created for contributing, these users will have a permanent username and password to access the QuickLink StudioManager. Creating a user is recommended if you have a guest that contributes regularly. If you are looking to introduce a contributor that doesn't contribute regularly, please refer to the Inviting a guest via SMS, Email, WhatsApp or URL article.


Adding an account

To create an account, open the user menu by selecting your user in the top left corner, then select Management.


Then click the plus icon to bring up the Add Account window.


Within the Add Account popup, enter a friendly username for your user, and enter their full name.


Next you will need to set the type of account to create; Administrator, Manager, Operator or User. The permission differences and purposes of these are described as follows:

  • User: Can be put into calls for contributions.
  • Manager: Can add Operators and Users, connect calls and see logs.
  • Operator: Operators can only make room connections and invite guests.
  • Administrator: Your main 'super user' account.


You can then select whether you want the account to be a part of your Main account or Sub account. 


Lastly you will need to enter an Email for the account you are creating. Once the account is create, an email is sent to the entered email, notifying that an account on the QuickLink StudioManager has been created, with a link to activate and create a password.


Lastly, click Create to create the new account.


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